Get the Most Out of Cosmetic Dentistry

Most human beings value personal investments. If, for example, one invests in a Tesla, that person is going to routinely have mechanical checks in addition to daily maintenance to ensure the vehicle is good working condition. Inarguably, not many Tesla owners would purchase the coveted car only to treat it carelessly.


Think of your smile as a Tesla, especially if you’ve received or are planning to receive any type of cosmetic dentistry. Ongoing and routine dental hygiene, including cleanings and checkups are vital to preserving your investment. See how making dental hygiene a regular part of your life regimen, will extend and stretch your health, investment and SMILE.


Why is Routine Dental Hygiene Vital in Union with Cosmetic Dentistry?


If we revisit our luxury car comparison, it’s easy to comprehend why dental hygiene is imperative to maintaining a healthy smile. Cosmetic Dentistry can correct anything from tooth and gum decay to congenital defects that may have contributed to the loss of teeth. It’s important to understand, however, that simply because cosmetic dentistry can provide you with the smile you’ve dreamed of, doesn’t mean you can skimp on routine dental hygiene.


Good Hygiene = Great SMILE

cosmetic dentistry

At Reconstructive Dentistry, we believe in preventive care as a modern approach to dentistry.

Under the leadership of Dr. Farhad Vahidi, we aim to reduce the amount of dental treatments that you need by working together with you to maintain a healthy mouth. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure you maintain a healthy SMILE:


State of the art technology – the intraoral camera, digital x-rays and laser technology we utilize at Reconstructive Dentistry enable us to evaluate and implement the best cosmetic dentistry treatment services, but more importantly, allow us to provide the best preventative dental and hygiene practices to keep your smile healthy.


Maintenance of healthy teeth and gumsdental cleanings and checkups are invaluable to the upkeep of any cosmetic investment. We are dedicated to making sure that each patient is provided with the best evaluation of teeth and gums.


Information on best hygiene processesdental danger zones such as tooth decay and gum disease can not only disrupt the appearance of your smile – they can cause discomfort and even lead to serious health problems. We ensure each patient has the necessary tools and information to practice good hygiene.


Listen to your concerns – everyone has questions regarding dental procedures. We are here to listen. We respect and value the investment you’ve made toward your dental care, that’s why we make sure you have the best possible treatment and attention – no matter what service you receive.


Excellent quality – while you receive the best preventative dentistry, our cosmetic dentistry services are of the highest quality, from complete/partial dentures and dental implants, to beautiful porcelain crowns and bridges.


Get the Most Out of Cosmetic Dentistry


We look forward to the opportunity of helping you in your quest for a cosmetic dental treatment. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to help you care for the investment toward one of your most precious features – your smile!


Do you have questions regarding cosmetic dentistry or preventative dentistry? Please contact us today!