A few surprising facts you might not know about famous people with implant dentistry.

Implant dentistryimplant dentistry has been a vital part of dentistry since the very beginning. It’s just a fact of life that teeth get damaged or infected and need to be replaced, especially before the invention of modern medicine. Thanks to modern inventions like porcelain bridges and crowns, you would probably never know that someone you meet today has teeth that aren’t original to their mouth.

Take a look at the list below and see if anyone surprises you! When done correctly, dental implants are almost impossible to differentiate from natural teeth. Think about when you’ve seen these people smile and whether you could tell they have false teeth.

Famous Public Figures with Cosmetic or Implant Dentistry

You may be surprised that these famous public figures have had dental work done! They may have had dentures, veneers, bridges or crowns, or full dental implants. Ask your cosmetic dentist about how you can look like these stars!

Movie Stars

  • Tom Cruise (a full set of porcelain veneers)
  • Chris Rock (partial porcelain veneers)
  • Jim Carrey (has a cap over a chipped tooth that he removed for Dumb & Dumber)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones (porcelain veneers)
  • Florence Henderson (full set of dentures)


  • Victoria Beckham (porcelain veneers)
  • 50 Cent (porcelain veneers)
  • Eddie Van Halen (dentures and implants)
  • Miley Cyrus (porcelain veneers)


  • Winston Churchill (dentures specially fitted to preserve his signature lisp)
  • Joe Biden (shiny white dentures with their own Twitter account)

Other Celebrities

  • Mike Tyson (several gold teeth)
  • Christiano Ronaldo (porcelain veneers)

This is just a small sample of the huge list of people in the public eye who have had implant dentistry or some other cosmetic procedure! Getting cosmetic work done on your teeth is much more common than many people realize.

And not all dental implants are done for cosmetic reasons. Dentures increase the stability of your teeth and add structure to the jaw, ensuring that your jaws remain healthy and do not collapse. Implants do the same for the section of the jaw they’re are installed into, and they help prevent neighboring teeth from collapsing inward. Porcelain crowns and bridges reinforce the teeth the are attached to and prevent them from drifting or rotating.

There are many benefits to cosmetic dentistry in addition to the way it makes your smile sparkle. If you want to improve your smile contact us to make an appointment. We’d be thrilled to talk to you about what dental implants can do for you.