If you can’t decide on dentures, knowing these signs might help

The decision to get dentures is a big one. After all, dentures can completely transform your smile, but not everyone realizes that you don’t need to be missing all your teeth to get dentures. There are dentures options for nearly everyone. The right dentures choice can help you transform your smile.  Delaying the decision for a smile makeover may cause damage to your teeth and jaw.

So why wait? If you are experiencing any of the five signs below, dentures could be a good choice for you.

5 Signs You Might Need Dentures

  • You Are Missing All of Your Teeth.
    DenturesLet’s just get this one out of the way since it’s the easiest one! If you’re missing all of your teeth, dentures are a great way for you to restore your smile. Dentures act like your natural teeth, and a good set of full dentures can completely revitalize your smile and improve your speech. Full dentures fit over your gums and fit quite comfortably. If you’re one of the 35 million Americans missing all of your teeth than dentures can help you!
  • You Are Missing All of Your Teeth on One Jaw.
    If you aren’t missing all of your teeth, but you’re missing all your teeth on your upper or lower jaws, there’s still a good chance that dentures are right for you. Dentures don’t have to come in a full set–you can choose to get just an upper denture or just a lower denture to complement your natural teeth. These dentures work independently and can almost perfectly simulate your natural teeth to restore lost functions like speech and chewing.
  • You Are Missing Several Teeth in a Row.
    If you’re missing several teeth in a row, you probably don’t want to get dental implants (that’s a lot of drilling!). Partial dentures may be a good solution for you. Partial dentures work almost like full dentures in that they fit into your jaw, but they only replace certain teeth. Your dentist will be able to custom-fit partial dentures to your mouth and ensure a comfortable fit.  With partial dentures, your teeth will look and feel natural, and will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth.
  • Your Jaw Cannot Support Implants.
    If your jaw is unable to support dental implants because the condition of the bone or the slimness of the jaw, dentures could be a good choice for you. Too many implants can damage the bone causing further dental issue in the future.  Dentures are safe, comfortable, and non-invasive. You couldn’t pick a safer way to replace your teeth!
  • You Are Slowly Losing Teeth.
    Maybe dentures aren’t for you right now, but they will be soon. Many people start to lose their teeth more rapidly after they lose one, and the process can sometimes happen faster than people think. If you are losing your teeth, dentures might be a good choice for you. Your dentist can help assess how soon dentures will be a good fit, and what to do in the meantime.

If any of these signs apply to you, consider bringing up dentures with your dentist. You may be able to find a solution for you and get your smile back on track.

If you’re considering dentures, Reconstructive Dentistry can help. Give us a call to discuss dentures and find out what we can do for you.