When you’re dealing with oral cancer, you deserve the best prosthodontics to restore your mouth.

Those that have developed and beaten oral cancer know that the struggles of everyday life have only just begun. But with the benefit of having access to the best prosthodontics, you won’t have to suffer the frustration and pain left behind by the disease. Here are some of the more popular options that patients opt for once they’ve beaten oral cancer, all of which can be provided by Dr. Vahidi Dental’s top dental professionals.

4 of the Best Prosthodontics Treatments

  1. Onlays

best prosthodonticsDental onlays are among the best prosthodontics due to the effectiveness of re-strengthening your oral health. They serve as an addition to what’s already inside of your mouth, by creating a permanent firm bonding to the entire damaged tooth. Onlays can be made with metals or with porcelain, the latter serving as a great method for creating a more aesthetically-pleasing result. Like most procedures, this one may be best left to a discussion with your dental professional first, to see if they would recommend crowns as a better alternative.

  1. Crowns

Like an onlay, crowns serve to strengthen teeth through a restorative procedure. Instead of being just a bonding material, a crown caps the entirety of the affected tooth, saving it from further decay or damage. For a result that allows for your original teeth appearance to remain intact, you can opt for a porcelain-based crown that can be colored to match your unaffected teeth.

  1. Bridges

If you’re looking for the best oral treatments for missing teeth, bridges may be the option to consider. Mouths that have been affected can often find themselves with the removal of one or more teeth, and bridges can help fill in those gaps. Bridges involve using crowns on the teeth adjacent to the cap, which then combine with a fake tooth to create a more comprehensive smile.

  1. Veneers

Dental veneers are a great option for weakened, yet still intact, teeth that need the surface strengthened and appearance enhanced. Often made of a thin porcelain material, veneers are placed over your existing teeth with the correct coloring, to keep your mouth consistent and aesthetically-pleasing. Veneers also do a wonderful job of preventing staining and help make your teeth look as natural as possible.

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