Meet the dental team that makes Reconstructive Dentistry the top aesthetic dentist in NYC!

The dental care that a dentist’s office can provide is only as good as the team that works there. Reconstructive Dentistry is immensely proud of our aesthetic dentists and the work they do in the office and in their academic field. With such a professional and passionate team, it’s no wonder Reconstructive Dentistry is the top aesthetic dentist in NYC! Get to the know our team better below.

The Team That Makes Reconstructive Dentistry the Top Aesthetic Dentist in NYC

The key to Reconstructive Dentistry’s success has always been our passionate and highly skilled team of top aesthetic dentists. Get to know the team below, and rest assured that your smile is in good hands.

Farhad Vahidi, D.M.D.
top aesthetic dentistDr. Vahidi is the founder of the practice and has been a top aesthetic dentist in NYC for more than 30 years! In addition to all the work he does on smiles across the city of New York, Dr. Vahidi is heavily involved in the dental community. He currently teaches as an Associate Professor of Prosthodontics at the New York University College of Dentistry and is the former Director of the Advanced Education program in prosthodontics. But his dedication to teaching future generations of the best aesthetic dentists doesn’t stop there: Dr. Vahidi is frequently invited to schools and lecture halls across the world to lecture on cosmetic dentistry. Just last year, he traveled to London University, Switzerland, and Spain to teach. If you’d like to read any of Dr. Vahidi’s recent publications in the field, check out the faculty bibliography located at NYU.

Mary Kang, D.D.S.
top aesthetic dentistDr. Mary Kang is a graduate of the New York University College of Dentistry, the same school where Dr. Vahidi now teaches. After several advanced programs in specialty topics, totaling more than six additional years of study after dental school, Dr. Kang returned to New York City. Her specialty is in maxillofacial prosthetics, and she has years of experience working with head & neck cancer patients after their cancer treatment. Just like Dr. Vahidi, Dr. Kang continues to gift her expertise to the dental community by teaching advanced courses in periodontology and implant dentistry at NYU.

Grace Kim,  D.D.S. top aesthetic dentist
Dr. Grace Kim has lived, studied, and worked in New York for her whole professional life, and is fiercely dedicated to helping the people of New York love their smiles. In order to do this, Dr. Kim regularly attends continuing education classes to master the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques. Armed with that knowledge, Dr. Kim is able to provide the highest-quality care and has a tool for every situation. She remains involved with the General Academy of Dentistry to continue her participation and education in the field.

The fantastic dental team is what makes Reconstructive Dentistry the top aesthetic dentist in New York City. If you’re looking for the highest standard of care from a dental team and distinguished leaders in the field, Reconstructive Dentistry is for you. Give us a call today to find out what this top aesthetic dentist can do for you.