Getting Dental Implants Causes More Anxiety Than You Think

If you’re nervous about getting dental implants, you aren’t alone! Many of our patients are initially nervous about the procedure and recovery that they will face with dental implants. They wonder if it will be painful, what the recovery time will be like, how long it will take for the function to be restored, and other important questions.

This fear comes from a place of not knowing what the process is really like. Of course, if you don’t know what a surgery entails you will feel nervous! Here at Reconstructive Dentistry, we value the safety and comfort of all of our patients above all else. Let us put your mind at ease and discuss what dental implant surgery is really like.

What Getting Dental Implants is Really Like

If a dental implants procedure is in your future, you don’t need to be afraid! Here is some information that may help put your fears to rest.

  • dental implantsOn timing: Dental implants take a while to get from start to finish. Your initial meetings will be about deciding if implants are the correct choice for your oral health, and then measurements to make sure everything fits perfectly. After the actual procedure date is scheduled, you will probably have a few more check-in appointments to make sure you’re on track. After the procedure, most prosthodontists will want to see you for follow-up appointments at significant intervals after the procedure.
  • On safety: For individuals with healthy bone structure and jaws, dental implants are perfectly safe. The titanium root of an implant is installed into the bone in a way that mimics natural teeth, so the procedure itself is very safe. However, for patients that do not have a strong bone structure, including bones weakened by conditions such as osteoporosis, implants are not a safe choice. In these cases, your dentist will probably recommend against dental implant surgery.
  • On discomfort: Patients can expect to experience numbness and take pain medication for several days after dental implant surgery. Because part of your jawbone will now be titanium, your perception of what you feel in your jaw may also change. Soreness is normal, but prolonged soreness is not, so check in with your dentist if you are still in pain after a week. After two weeks, swelling should have decreased to normal levels, and patients should expect numbness to dissipate shortly thereafter.

Dental implant surgery is far less painful and scary than most patients realize. In the hands of our capable staff and expert doctors, your dental implants can look and feel great in no time. Give us a call or get in touch today to learn more about dental implants or schedule a consultation.