Find out what makes an aesthetic dentist so special.

An aesthetic dentist and a general dentist are two different things, with two different sets of goals and procedures for your dental health. While they might look similar from the outside, and have offices that look similar, and even wear the same white coat, they are not the same! That’s because aesthetic dentists and general dentists have different goals and approaches to how they treat your smile, and both are necessary to keep your smile white and healthy.

While a general dentist takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of your teeth, an aesthetic dentist specializes in making your smile look great. You might see an aesthetic dentist if you have a chipped or broken teeth if you’re missing a tooth, if your teeth are discolored, or any other reason your smile might not look its best. An aesthetic dentist can help transform that smile into the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

But why trust an aesthetic dentist over a general dentist, or over any other kind of dentist, for that matter, in restoring your smile? Let’s take a look at what makes an aesthetic dentist qualified and exceptional at what they do.

Why Your Aesthetic Dentist Stands Apart

Like all types of specialist dentists, aesthetic dentists have received advanced training in a single field. This additional education and their experience in the field is what sets them apart.

aesthetic dentistGeneral dentists and aesthetic dentists start out with the same training: a D.D.S. or a D.M.D. from an accredited university dental program. This is a several-year program that informs them about the anatomical and medical procedures and current knowledge about teeth and prepares them for a career as a dentist. At this point, a general dentist is ready to start practicing, and many do. Some graduates, however, who wish to specialize in a certain branch of advanced dentistry, stay in school.

An aesthetic dentistry program is typically 18 to 24 more months of schooling for an aspiring aesthetic dentist. This program consists of not only more and specialized training in the field of making teeth look great, but also many hours of practice in real dentistry situations. This way, students are able to learn the principles of aesthetic dentistry at a high level, and then to turn around and apply those principles in a real-world context, learning all the while. You can be sure that an aesthetic dentist has been trained at some of the highest levels possible to make your smile look great.

But the aesthetic dentists at Reconstructive Dentistry are a cut above the aesthetic dentists described above. That’s because Dr. Vahidi and his team aren’t just aesthetic dentists: they’re the aesthetic dentists that teach the aesthetic dentists! All over the world, aesthetic dentists, both in training and in careers, have learned more about their field from Dr. Vahidi.

And that’s what makes Reconstructive Dentistry stand out from every other dentist’s office you can find: not only are our dentist’s highly trained specialists in making your smile look great, but they are the experts that other dentists turn to in order to learn and grow. If that sounds like the kind of dentist’s office you want to visit, then don’t wait! Give us a call today and set up your first aesthetic dentistry appointment.