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The Difference Between an Aesthetic Dentist and a General Dentist

Find out what makes an aesthetic dentist so special. An aesthetic dentist and a general dentist are two different things, with two different sets of goals and procedures for your dental health. While they might look similar from the outside, and have offices that look similar, and even wear the same white coat, they are [...]

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Let’s Talk About DIY Teeth Whitening

What You Need to Know About Whitening Your Teeth When you first meet a new person, what’s the first thing you notice about them? Their smile, of course! Smiles have been an essential part of human interaction for thousands of years. We’ve always known that smiles were good for making friends, attracting mates, and strengthening [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry and the Benefits of Teeth Whitening

There’s no question that over-the-counter whitening kits can help, but are they as effective as professional cosmetic dentistry? Here’s some things you should know. We’ve all seen those top-brand kits at the pharmacy, promising high-end results for whitening teeth over the course of a week or two. But are these over-the-counter products as effective or [...]

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