Your Luxury Lifestyle + the Top Aesthetic Dentist = Match Made in Heaven

Your lifestyle deserves the benefit of the top cosmetic dentist. Today’s world of social media, constant networking, and office happy hours image is everything. To be successful you have to constantly appear your best; your personal brand immaculately portrayed. Every aspect of your lifestyle must contribute to your image. A savvy professional will remember that [...]

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5 Tips To Find The Top NYC Dentist

Need to find the right dentist? Here are 5 tips to find the top NYC Dentist! Finding the top NYC dentist can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially, when the search is on for the top cosmetic and reconstructive dentist in NYC. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that cosmetic dentistry [...]

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Nervous About Getting Dental Implants?

Getting Dental Implants Causes More Anxiety Than You Think If you’re nervous about getting dental implants, you aren’t alone! Many of our patients are initially nervous about the procedure and recovery that they will face with dental implants. They wonder if it will be painful, what the recovery time will be like, how long it [...]

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Perks of Being the Top Dentistry NYC Has to Offer

Being the top dentistry NYC has to offer comes with some advantages. Dr. Vahidi has been in private practice in the city of New York for more than 30 years, and in that time his practice has only grown and gotten better. As his reputation grew and more patients came through his doors, Reconstructive Dentistry [...]

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The Secret Power of Veneers

Wondering if veneers are the right for you? Let Reconstructive Dentistry show you they can work for you. Smiling is an important way of expressing yourself and presenting yourself to the world.  Psychology Today says that you appear more attractive to others when you smile. You’re perceived as beautiful, reliable, relaxed and sincere. If you [...]

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Teeth Whitening in NYC For the Summer

Get ready for summer events with teeth whitening in NYC!   Summer is here! All up and down the East Coast we can look forward to beaches, the sunshine, and all the summer social events--and nowhere are those events more exciting than in New York City! Whether you plan on relaxing on the beach all [...]

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Meet the Top Aesthetic Dentist Team in NYC

Meet the dental team that makes Reconstructive Dentistry the top aesthetic dentist in NYC! The dental care that a dentist’s office can provide is only as good as the team that works there. Reconstructive Dentistry is immensely proud of our aesthetic dentists and the work they do in the office and in their academic field. [...]

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Advantages from an Aesthetic Dentist on Dental Bonding

Avoid the unpleasant appearance of a cracked or chipped tooth! If you’re suffering from the pain of having a fractured, chipped or discolored tooth, an aesthetic dentist may recommend the process of composite bonding. Composite bonding is a tooth-colored adhesive resin which is used to help repair the tooth aesthetically. While this process should be [...]

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FAQs About Modern Prosthodontics

Everything you need to know about modern prosthodontics   Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with replacing and repairing broken or missing teeth. Prosthodontics has come a long way in the past couple years, but it has also gotten a bit more complex with new technology. Here are a few of the questions we [...]

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