A skilled aesthetic dentist can make a huge difference in your smile. Here at Reconstructive Dentistry, in the heart of New York City, we do it every day. No matter what work you need to be done, our team of cosmetic dentistry experts can bring that vision to life. We’ll work closely with you on what your vision for your smile is, and help you decide which treatment plans will work best for you. Based on your vision, our knowledge, and the resources we have for you to decide on a look, we’ll be able to create your stunning smile, just the way you imagine it.

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There are a few ways for us to transform your smile, and as the top aesthetic dentist in Manhattan, we’ve used all of them many times before. Read on to discover what procedures we use to correct different issues in someone’s smile.

How the Top Aesthetic Dentist in Manhattan Can Change Your Smile


Patients come to us for aesthetic dentistry from all over New York. Our expert New York aesthetic dentists complement one another, so they can handle just about any dental situation that comes through our doors. Here’s what we can help with:


  • Chipped/damaged teeth: Teeth are quite strong, but they can become damaged if they’re hit with enough force. Most patients with chipped teeth come to us from a sports injury or an accident. Your team of New York aesthetic dentists can patch your teeth up with composite bonding, filling in the gaps with a natural-looking resin. 
  • Mismatched teeth: Some teeth are different sizes than others for a variety of reasons. It’s usually not noticeable, but in the cases where it is, mismatched tooth size can be very distracting. A dental crown can be fitted over the problem tooth to make it blend in with the rest of your smile.
  • Discolored teeth: Discoloration is a common problem for many people, whether it’s coffee stains or related to tobacco. While you can perform limited teeth whitening at home, our aesthetic dentists in Manhattan can transform your smile with their professional whitening procedure.
  • Missing teeth: A single missing tooth can be quite distracting. Luckily, our team of aesthetic dentists in Manhattan can fill in that gap with a bridge or even with a dental implant. For cases with multiple missing teeth, our New York cosmetic dentistry team might even fit you with dentures.


No matter what your issue with your smile is, our expert team of aesthetic dentists in Manhattan knows a procedure to correct it. If you have questions about your case specifically or would like to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.