An Aesthetic Dentist New York City Residents Trust

Whether our smile seems to have succumbed to the ravages of time, a genetic issue or an injury, our teeth may not always look or feel the way we hoped. If you fall into this category, you’re not alone. Cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to correct issues that even a few decades ago would not have been possible.

Many people are taking the next step toward a comfortable and confident smile. Is there an aesthetic dentist New York City residents call upon for their cosmetic dentistry needs? Yes!

Reconstruct Dentistry Brings You an Aesthetic Dentist New York City Dental Patients Count On

When it comes to your pearly whites, or at least achieving them, you want to seek a competent, professional and skilled aesthetic dentistry. That’s why Dr. Vahidi, Dr. Kang and Dr. Kim are the aesthetic dentists New York City dental patients choose. Reconstructive Dentistry offers a range of services, all of which utilize the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, this includes:

  • Teeth whitening – eliminates discoloration likely caused by beverages: coffee, tea and soda; childhood medications; tobacco use; illnesses or oral-hygiene neglect
  • Porcelain veneers – reduces or removes spaces between teeth; repairs broken or chipped teeth; eradicates stained or discolored teeth and corrects crooked or odd-shaped teeth
  • Composite bonding – repairs chipped or cracked teeth; closes gaps and spaces between teeth and covers discoloration or faded areas on the surface of the tooth

Seeing is believing

We know the power in witnessing the direct results of professional and polished esthetic dental treatments. That’s why we encourage you to take a look at our before and after images. In addition to seeing the beautiful outcome of aesthetic dentistry procedures, you’ll be able to see how other patients have achieved tremendous benefits from taking advantage of our reconstructive dentistry options.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with an aesthetic dentist New York residents rely on, we would love to schedule a consultation for you. Call us today at 212-753-7000.