New York City is the most populous city in America, and there are a lot of things that come with that.

New York City is the most populous city in America, and there are a lot of things that come with that. Some of the most important people in the world live here, and some of the smartest and wealthiest, too. While most people don’t realize it, some of the best dentists in the country work here as well.

Reconstructive Dentistry is proud to be part of that group of excellent dentists that work in New York City. Our team of expert dentists is what set us apart and makes us the best aesthetic dentist NYC has to offer!

The Best Aesthetic Dentist in NYC

Aesthetic dentistry is an important part of the dental profession, and Reconstructive Dentistry specializes in it. Our team is made up of some of the best aesthetic dentists NYC has to offer! Find out about our team of experts below.

Dr. Farhad Vahidi is not just one of the best cosmetic dentists in Manhattan, but also a highly respected educator in the field of prosthodontics. He currently serves as the Associate Professor of Prosthodontics at the New York College of Dentistry and was the former Director of the Advanced Education program in prosthodontics. In addition to his teaching responsibilities and his membership in many dental associations, Dr. Vahidi is invited to lecture all over the world, including places like London and Madrid, to teach dentists about prosthodontics. While he is a highly respected educator in the field of prosthodontics, his passion is the work itself, which makes Dr. Vahidi one of the best aesthetic dentists NYC has.

Dr. Mary Kang finished her many years of additional schooling to become a licensed prosthodontist with a bang: back-to-back prestigious fellowships at major medical centers in California and Texas, where she worked on rehabilitation and maxillofacial implants for patients with head and neck cancer. Her work helped repair and restore function to many patients whose mouths were damaged by cancer. Now that she is working as an aesthetic dentist in New York City, Dr. Kang also teaches in the Ashman Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at NYU.

Dr. Grace Kim is originally from New York and chose to stay for her education, completing her several degrees and dental residency at different universities and medical centers in the city. Even though she completed years of schooling to earn her degrees and accreditations, Dr. Kim attends many continuing education classes and seminars to stay up to date on the latest research. With her finger on the pulse of modern cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kim might be the most cutting-edge aesthetic dentist NYC has to offer!

Our expert team of doctors from New York City can give you the best quality care, every time. If you’re looking for the best aesthetic dentist NYC has to offer, look no further than Reconstructive Dentistry.

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