Compare Porcelain Crowns and Bridges in New York City

What’s the difference between porcelain crowns and bridges? Both of them are part of prosthetic dentistry, and can transform your smile. Both of them are a way that dentists treat a damaged smile, and both of them are wildly popular and successful here at Reconstructive Dentistry.

But what are you signing up for when you come to Reconstructive Dentistry looking for porcelain crowns and bridges in New York City? Find out what each one entail below!

Looking for Porcelain Crowns and Bridges in New York City? Read This First

Crowns and bridges involve the same basic idea: make a model out of durable, beautiful porcelain, and simulate the surface of a tooth with it, replacing the damaged or missing part with a convincing replica. But they work slightly differently, and are used in different circumstances. Here’s how it works:

Crowns are a porcelain cap that fits over a damaged tooth. It fixes one tooth at a time and provides an attractive and natural-looking covering. Crowns typically:

  • Are used to treat chipped and broken teeth
  • Fit over the damaged tooth like a cap, masking it
  • Protect the tooth from further damage.

Additionally, crowns strengthen the tooth and the teeth around it by providing more structure. The materials we use at Reconstructive Dentistry can be matched to your tooth color, so you’ll have the best looking porcelain crowns and bridges in New York City!

Bridges are a porcelain mold that fit onto crowns or onto teeth adjacent to the bridge. It is used to treat missing teeth or multiple missing teeth in a row by bridging the gap between them. Bridges typically:

  • Can treat missing teeth, but also teeth damaged beyond repair
  • Prevent teeth from moving closer together and stop gums from collapsing
  • Are cemented to neighboring teeth, usually onto crowns that are fitted onto those teeth

Bridges made of porcelain also are the color your teeth naturally are, so they blend right in and you have the most natural looking porcelain crowns and bridges in New York City.

Hopefully you now have a stronger idea of the difference between bridges and crowns, and have a better idea of what might be suitable for you. Of course, a dentist is the best person to help you answer that question, and here at Reconstructive Dentistry, our dentists provide the best porcelain crowns and bridges in New York City. Give us a call today to find out more!