Preventive Dentistry & Prosthodontics in New York City

Thanks to the miracle that is modern prosthodontics, there is very little that can do wrong with a patient’s teeth that Dr. Vahidi’s dental team cannot fix. Options include dental implants to replace missing teeth, partial dentures, and even full dentures to completely replace all teeth.

But sometimes, you don’t need something that extreme. Why replace a tooth when it can just be repaired? Not all prosthodontics procedures are as extreme as dental implants. Especially in the fast-paced environment that is New York City, sometimes all you need is a quick touch-up to your teeth to get them looking their best.

Why replace a tooth when you can just make sure it never needs repairing in the first place? Read on to find out about what you can do to make sure you don’t need reconstructive prosthodontics in New York City.

Options for Preventive Dentistry & Prosthodontics in New York City

Preventative care is a modern approach to dentistry. The reasoning is simple: if you take good care of your teeth, the problems that would require extensive or expensive dental care will happen less frequently, and your teeth will be healthier. Dr. Vahidi’s Reconstructive Dentistry is happy to offer preventive dentistry & prosthodontics in New York City. Here are some of the options available to our patients:

Tooth Decay Prevention: Tooth decay is usually the result of a buildup of bacteria on the teeth. These bacteria ingest bits of food in the mouth, especially sugars and starches, and as a byproduct of their digestion, produce acid. This acid corrodes the enamel coating that protects your teeth and can eat holes into your teeth. Tooth decay prevention is the process of cleaning out this bacteria and acid and filling the holes with a dental filling to prevent further damage. Thorough preventive dentistry can stop this problem before a filling is no longer a reliable fix and a full crown has to be used.

Sealants: Your back teeth, especially your back molars, are marked with many grooves, valleys, and depressions. These ridges make it easier to chew food, but it also makes it hard to completely clear all the food and bacteria out of these spaces. Tooth sealants help solve this problem by putting an armor-like coating that feels like your natural teeth over these problem areas. This sealant can protect your back teeth from enamel damage for years if properly maintained.

Fluoride: Fluoride is a naturally-occurring substance that strengthens the enamel in your teeth, making them more resistant to disease. Regularly drinking water treated with fluoride (as most water sources in the US are) can help strengthen your teeth, but if that isn’t enough, or if you need extra strengthening, Dr. Vahidi’s preventive dentistry can help. Supplemental fluoride in the form of tablets or in-office application can give your teeth the extra care they need.

These are just some of the services that Dr. Vahidi’s prosthodontics in New York City can provide for patients. If you think you might be interested in some preventive care, give us a call today to see what else we can do for you.