Then vs Now: Ancient Dentists and Prosthodontics in NYC

Prosthodontics, as a distinct branch of dentistry, didn’t exist until modern times – but people have always found ways to improve their smiles. Throughout history, a few brave inventors discovered ways to make their teeth a little whiter, repair damaged teeth, and replace missing ones. Here are a few of the ways that ancient dentists used prosthodontics compared to the way that modern dentists do.

When you read through this list, you’ll be glad that your dentist isn’t a radical Dark Ages inventor, and that you have access to some of the best dentists through prosthodontics in NYC!

What Separates Ancient Dentists From Prosthodontics in NYC

Here are a few of the ways that modern dentistry, like the prosthodontics in NYC you’ll find at Reconstructive Dentistry in Manhattan, has improved on ancient methods.

Dealing with Damaged Teeth THEN: The first evidence we have of ancient cultures dealing with toothaches, chipped teeth, and damaged teeth comes from ancient Egypt. The Egyptians had a huge amount of knowledge about the human body, and pioneered many branches of medicine. Unfortunately for the Egyptians, the tools they had weren’t developed enough to treat damaged teeth directly. The Egyptians dealt with damaged or infected teeth by pulling them entirely! Even more unfortunately, they also hadn’t yet developed effective prosthetic teeth, so they never put in any replacements!

Dealing with Damaged Teeth NOW: A modern dentist like the cosmetic dentists in prosthodontics in NYC would treat a damaged tooth by cleaning out any infection, creating a crown or veneer to cover it, and attaching it permanently to the tooth. That sure beats having the tooth pulled and gone forever!

Replacing Teeth THEN: While the Egyptians developed many dentistry techniques, including drilling cavities, they never figured out a good replacement for teeth (at least, not that we know of). For that, we have to look to the Etruscans, a people that lived in what is now Italy for a few centuries before Rome. The Etruscans figured out how to fill holes in teeth with gold, and in some cases entirely replace a tooth with a gold one. Sometimes, they would even use human or animal teeth as replacements, and hold them in the mouth with bands of gold.

Replacing Teeth NOW: Modern dentistry does occasionally use precious metals like gold and silver for replacing teeth, and for many of the same reasons that the Etruscans did: they last a long time, are highly resistant to corrosion, and some people really like the way they look. But most prosthodontics in NYC use an advanced synthetic substance or a high-quality porcelain to replace teeth these days, because it is stronger and looks more like natural teeth.

These are just some of the ways that modern dentists like the team at Reconstructive Dentistry provide prosthodontics to improve their patients’ smiles. If your smile could use a polishing, you don’t need to resort to teeth-pulling or gold-leafing. Give Reconstructive Dentistry a call today and find out what the best prosthodontics in NYC can do for you.